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Shine a Light

Oct 28, 2021

Today we welcome Laura Reeves to the show.


Laura has done a lot of work with plant based medicine and journeyed deep into the amazon in a quest to free herself from the stresses and strains of living in our modern society. Now back in the civilised world, she is trying to bring the lessons she’s learnt on that...

Oct 25, 2021

Today we welcome Mooch to the show.


Michael Mooch, or as he’s known online, Moochabout, is a serial entrepreneur with a tendency towards decadence and the live show. His first business was in music where he put on club shows to an under 18’s market, more recently he’s been making waves in the comedy scene and...

Oct 15, 2021

Today we welcome Steven Sulley to the show.


Steven is a successful contemporary art dealer. He specialises in street art and specifically in trading work by an artist called Richard Hambleton from NYC. He does this alongside other ventures which include a health and wellness app, a clothing company all while investing...

Oct 9, 2021

Today we wrap up season 1.


This is just a quick episode to introduce our listeners to Gareth who helps to create the podcast alongside Tom.


We have a quick discussion on what the show has covered thus far, plus we introduce what you can expect from season 2, along with answering some questions we’ve received along...