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Shine a Light

Nov 11, 2021

Today we welcome Geoff Grief to the show

Geoff is a Professor at the University of Maryland and conducts social research along with publishing books and articles, all of which have a focus on social issues. One of the pieces of research Geoff has conducted, which led to book “buddy system,” was a study into male friendship and it was this book and body of research that we wanted to talk to Geoff about.


This episode is coming out in November, during which there is a push for Movember, a movement where men grow moustaches to raise awareness for issues surrounding male mental heath and specifically suicide amongst men.


One of the points raised in the book we discuss is how male friendship is on the decline. We hope that by shining a light specifically on male friendship as we do today, that we not only emphasise the importance of maintaining a healthy support network for men, but also give out some pointers in how to nurture and maintain a male friendship.


This is the 3rd episode in our rest, recuperation and self care series. We felt that discussing the importance of maintaining our support network, albeit with a focus on men, was an important component to tie in with the series. Becoming successful can often lead people to focus solely on the financial side of things, perhaps at the expense of things like friendships, however we want to remind everyone of the importance of things such as social and support networks as a part of that journey.

We have further episodes episodes in and around this topic due weekly.

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